Fernando Ortíz Larco, MD

Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, at the renowned Dr. Guerrero Santos School of Reconstructive Surgery, in Guadalajara – Mexico after his accreditation as specialist in General and Abdominal Surgery in Guayaquil - Ecuador.

His professional surgical experience and high human qualities have allowed him to learn from prominent plastic surgeons worldwide in person and with hands-on, attending international conferences, completing long-term courses obtaining a diploma in microsurgery, as well as being a contributor and part of “Operation Smile “ in Mexico.

After rigorous and well-rounded training in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ortiz serves as an evaluator, consultant and speaker for cases related to corporal and facial aesthetic. Dr. Fernando Ortiz’ practice is characterized by his impeccable and personalized attention, confidentiality to patients and the integral management of each case with his attentive, reliable and efficient treatment.